Traditional Sales&Marketing Processes

CRM- Customer Relations Management is dealing mainly with 2 processes

  • Marketing
  • Sales 
those processes in an organization  traditionally are managed by: 
  1.  dedicated information system (crm) .
  2.  organizational Marketing department working together with an advertising office ,
    managing big campaigns and mar com 
  3. structured sales department divided into world districts ,regions and local sales offices 

Let  us understand the detailed process:

traditional marketing process

Demographic Analysis

  • Enterprise-wide data repository containing account characteristics / buying habits    
  • Contactinfo, activities, order placement, payment history    
  • Analyzedata to generate target lists    

 Campaign Management

  • Planning     
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting     
  • Executing
  • Tracking


Marketing MaterialMgt 
  • Develop marketing materials     
  • Store
  • Access     
Update Knowledge base  
  • create / maintaina central knowledge data base    
  • select the data that matches to the next similar campaign and re-use it .    
traditional sales process

Opportunity  Management

  • Lead Tracking      
  • Sales Funnel :action,desire,interest,awareness   
  • Analyze data to generate target lists     
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Activities
  • Calendaring     
  • Response
  • Templates

Order Placement

  • Proposal Generation     
  • Configuration (inventory,delivery)    
  • Automated Order Placement     

Goods Delivery

  • post goods issue     
  • QA       

Invoicing & payments

  • goods invoice handling    
  • Suppliers Payments handling .  

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