GemStones Spiritual view

When we buy jewelry combined with gemstones,
it is not just a piece of glamreuse jewelry.

 when we think about gemstones lots of meaning is added to it.

  Let us taste some life wisdoma flavors of the gemstones….


Aquamarine improves communication,
especially on couple relationship.

Aquamarine is a popular stone in engagement rings.
Aquamarine means – Like aqua stream.

The ruby mineral

 multy color colletion -silver & 14k gold set with natural aquamarin & ruby
              gives the “fire” and essentiality

The rubellite-pink tourmaline is a sharpen awareness stone.  

 Tourmaline helps acceptance, innovation, and open to the creativity side of us.

 Peridot or olivine represents happiness
and adding light to life.

 Sapphire mineral improves good mood and relegation (anti-stress)    

la flora set with red garnet and pearls 

Amethyst balances the body energy,
helps to open the third eye.
or the
spiritual awareness


So remember with wearing the right jewel ,

many other attributes may appear

and influence your mood and life.


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