Gemstones Clarity Scale

Our purchasing decisions and valuation of the colored gemstones

depend on:

 color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Because of the complexity of the “sliding scale” for clarity defined by

 the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards,

we describe clarity for all gemstones in the table below .


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gemstones clarity scale

gemstones clarity scale


How do I Play Dreidel?

Dreidel Game Rules

Everyone starts out with the same amount of pennies, chocolate coins (Hanukkah gelt),

 candies, raisins, or tokens.

All players put one token in the pot in the center.

Then players take turns spinning the dreidel.

The player acts according to the letter which is facing up when the dreidel stops spinning.





Here are the results …


 spinning dreidel results

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Hanukkah – Dreidel – story

 The dreidel is a four sided spinning top

with a different Hebrew letter on each side.

  The word for dreidel in Hebrew is  S’veevon .





Dreidel is a Yiddish word taken from the German

 word drehen (which means to turn).

Dreidels can be made of any materials. 




dreidels have the letters nun, gimmel, hay, pay.

These stand for “Nes Gadol Haya Po”

which means “a great miracle happened here.”