Why Drop shipment ??

Drop shipment process means:   

  • Locating the selling inventory goods in the nearest point of delivery to your mass customers(exmple : a wearhouse in central USA selling in USA+CANADA)
  • Deliver the products in maximum efficiency / quality / accuracy – on time due to standard logistic channel:
    • Central warehouse – certified  courier – door to door insured products delivery.
  • Do the pick, Pack, Post goods from one central place (warehouse), enables quick low-cost  service if needed for returned goods.
  • Enables the seller to have catalog number for each product, using inventory information system available to him 24 * 7 .
  • The seller sees on line inventory picture, controls inventory replenishment due to real on-line sales,  in order to balance the costs of inventory / Storage towards the tempo of on line sales.   

Customer will be satisfied since he got the product on a fair price,

Seller will smile to have effort abele packing / delivery / post goods on minimum costs 


Drop shipment process steps are described below :



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Virtual (web) Supply Chain management

Internet Supply chain is an end-to-end logistics process:

 Begins on a lead for product sale (bid) from one of the leading sales arena’s (EBay, Amazon, Yahoo, others)

 Ends with full customer satisfaction (shown as feedback …) – the buyer got what he ordered just on time, exactly what he saw in the store and he likes it!

Between the edges of the process, exist all the handling of goods – the supply chain:

 Picking – packing goods – goods insurance – goods distribution– goods delivery- post goods to the end customer.

The Process of Internet sale is based upon:

 Trust, shorten & cut cost & handling time, ensure & protect the payment, do the process of supply chain efficient and reliable to make the

customer to come back to our virtual store and buy from us.

When you sell in the web, you have to take into consideration a few parameters:

  • The dimensions of your products (the net size of the package:  hight,width,depth)
  • The wight of your products (less than 500 gram, 10 kg , more …)
  • The variety / assortment of products ( single product with revisions , number of categories with large scale of products , a finite number of products (5-10) )
  • Upon sales statistics consider the frequency& forecast of sales (one sale a day , 10 sales a week ,20 sales a month , other )
  • The availability to stock against the handling time + shipping time promised in the listing
  • The time& energy spent on the supply chain process via see the payment and enjoy it ….
  • The gap between the selling price and the cost of handling (supply chain…)

Seller who considers those parameters should decide how to handle wisely his sales in order to spend accurate time and money

 in the logistics, satisfy the customers, and enjoy the profit.

Two main options (may have more.) are offered to handle the web supply chain   

  • Wholesale supply chain – if you sell light (less than 500 gram) small products ,in a limited scale , can effort once a week delivery ,have the time to handle the shipment via simple postal service don’t have to insure the products and have a full customer satisfaction feedback record – YOU THE SELLER ARE DOING THE SUPPLY CHAIN HANDLING.
  • Drop shipment supply chain – if you sell big heavy (a few kilo product), the product should be handled with a courier door to door delivery is preferable, you need a place to store your inventory and handle it and still you want to save your reputation as a full customer satisfaction feedback seller.  YOU THE SELLER HAVE AN INOVATIVE & CREATIVE WAY TO SUPPLY CHAIN YOUR GOODS (please read the post about drop shipment).

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Traditional Sales&Marketing Processes

CRM- Customer Relations Management is dealing mainly with 2 processes

  • Marketing
  • Sales 
those processes in an organization  traditionally are managed by: 
  1.  dedicated information system (crm) .
  2.  organizational Marketing department working together with an advertising office ,
    managing big campaigns and mar com 
  3. structured sales department divided into world districts ,regions and local sales offices 

Let  us understand the detailed process:

traditional marketing process

Demographic Analysis

  • Enterprise-wide data repository containing account characteristics / buying habits    
  • Contactinfo, activities, order placement, payment history    
  • Analyzedata to generate target lists    

 Campaign Management

  • Planning     
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting     
  • Executing
  • Tracking


Marketing MaterialMgt 
  • Develop marketing materials     
  • Store
  • Access     
Update Knowledge base  
  • create / maintaina central knowledge data base    
  • select the data that matches to the next similar campaign and re-use it .    
traditional sales process

Opportunity  Management

  • Lead Tracking      
  • Sales Funnel :action,desire,interest,awareness   
  • Analyze data to generate target lists     
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Activities
  • Calendaring     
  • Response
  • Templates

Order Placement

  • Proposal Generation     
  • Configuration (inventory,delivery)    
  • Automated Order Placement     

Goods Delivery

  • post goods issue     
  • QA       

Invoicing & payments

  • goods invoice handling    
  • Suppliers Payments handling .