Why Drop shipment ??

Drop shipment process means:   

  • Locating the selling inventory goods in the nearest point of delivery to your mass customers(exmple : a wearhouse in central USA selling in USA+CANADA)
  • Deliver the products in maximum efficiency / quality / accuracy – on time due to standard logistic channel:
    • Central warehouse – certified  courier – door to door insured products delivery.
  • Do the pick, Pack, Post goods from one central place (warehouse), enables quick low-cost  service if needed for returned goods.
  • Enables the seller to have catalog number for each product, using inventory information system available to him 24 * 7 .
  • The seller sees on line inventory picture, controls inventory replenishment due to real on-line sales,  in order to balance the costs of inventory / Storage towards the tempo of on line sales.   

Customer will be satisfied since he got the product on a fair price,

Seller will smile to have effort abele packing / delivery / post goods on minimum costs 


Drop shipment process steps are described below :



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