Social Media tool @your choice!

Now days when facebook & twitter are the main game players in social media environment,

 every new tool that is “born” may enlarge the already endless abilities & applications:  to communicate, do business, recruit, networking and meet new people & friends.


Lately a new game player came into the community

his name is Google Buzz and all of us users will have another option to use.

In order to simplify the choice of using one tool or another (or all of them…)

let us examine the technical differences among those tools.


Below is a main attributes comparison table

 that may help you choose your favorite / useful  social media  tool

  based upon the leading tools for social media environmet in use today.






Separate social media environment

Separate social media environment

Part of Gmail & Google tools

Links to external services

Stands alone –not connected to external sites & services

Enables link to external services

Full connectivity to Google applications, enables external links services   to flickr, twitter


Disable embed external links within a twitt

Partial external links embedded into a wall message  

Enables embed pictures ,films ,links to external sites within a chat / message


Fixed Pre-defined mailing list for each twitt

Fixed Pre-defined mailing list for each chat/notification

Full adjustment / of mailing list  for every new  written message


New user must build his new own contact list

New user must build his new own contact list

Contact list is generated automatically from  Gmail contact list


Service not available

Service available

Service not available