The Shop Broker Era

A few now days Internet-world baaaazzzzzz words…

Face book, goggle,twitter, on line shopping, flicker, blog, Internet Shop, long tail marketing, bid, sale, search engine.


Let us have some more … 

    Issuer, buyer, listing, final value fee, PayPal, conversion rate, Feedback, buy now,  Auction,   Amazon, eBay.

If  it sounds familiar

You are lucky


It will get you!

It is a new era – the Internet consumer/seller epoch.

It is a new approach toward selling: you have your shopbroker to be there to enable sales …sales …sales.


Shop Broker rolles

The SHOPBROKER is the “orchestra conductor” that handshakes the vendor, acts to satisfy shoppers and suppliers, optimize the Internet platform in order to enable best shopping experience.

The SHOPBROKER is the “engine” that promotes, publish and submit content, marketing flayers nonstop e-miles to be sure that seller product will be reachable all over the web. 

The SHOPBROKER learns & investigates customer habits and behavior through search engines and buying Internet shops /platforms, always maintains and tries to optimize those selling platforms.

The SHOPBROKER is managing the customer care to ensure tracking the shipped product   trough notifications along the whole process of sales to 100% customer satisfaction, single point of contact to every problem.

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